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Daily Income Method is an online marketing system created by Mack Mills and Alfredo Delgado, two highly successful marketers. The system is optimized to sell the Total Security Membership by Motor Club of America and also pays 50% commission for each person you enroll into the system.

Who are Alfredo and Mack?

When you already make a lot of money online, you don't need to create an online marketing. Yet, that's exactly what Alfredo Delgado (left) and Mack Mills did. 

They pulled out all of the stops when it came to building this one-of-a-kind system and as a result, a lot of people began to have success. Even people who were involved in Motor Club of America in the past began seeing success for the first time. 

What is Daily Income Method?

Daily Income Method is an approved online marketing system for selling Motor Club of America. The system is "plug and play" and all you need to make money with it is a willingness to learn and an inclination to put in the necessary work to make it work for you.

Since its inception, many affiliates have been making money hand over fist. There are some who already had experience with marketing online while there are others who are brand-new who simply followed instructions and got paid. No matter what boat you fall in, or if you're somewhere in between, this system will work for you if you're willing to put in the work. You can't expect to join the system and expect money to start hitting your bank account just because. 

The system itself also pays 50% commission via JVZoo, which means every DIM sale that you make increases your residual income by $13.50 per month. It might not seem like much at first, but as you keep making sales and enrolling people into Daily Income Method, it can build up rather quickly.

After you become a member of Daily Income Method and login for the first time, you will be prompted to a quick 3-step process to get yourself properly set-up within the system. There is also an exclusive private facebook group you get instant access to, once you become a member of Daily Income Method.

If you want set yourself up for success, I highly recommend going through all 3 steps first before you start promoting Daily Income Method. This will ensure a much smoother process. 

What is Motor Club of America?

​Daily Income Method promotes the Total Security Membership on behalf of Motor Club of America, or MCA for short. MCA is an automotive company based in Oklahoma that provides travel security and roadside assistance for people and families at home, at work, and at play. They were originally founded in 1926 and has grown to over 8 million customers nationwide in the United States and Canada.

Down below, you will see a sample of benefits that this company provides in their Total Security membership, which totals over $150,000. One of its most well-known benefits is its unlimited roadside assistance where members receive up to 365 service calls per year should they find themselves stranded in their vehicles and are eligible to receive towing up to 100 miles.

The benefits alone makes the Total Security membership an invaluable resource to have when you're on the road. In addition to the benefits, there is also a referral program that all MCA customers are eligible for to make weekly commissions.

Not only can you make money from your own personal production, you can also make money off of the people in your organization as well, up to 4 generations deep. 

Here's a quick chart of the potential money you can make just off of your own personal production:

As you can see, if you just made 10 sales per week (which is only 2 sales per day if you worked Monday to Friday and took the weekends off), you would have made over $40,000 in just one year! That kind of money would replace a lot of people's job incomes. 

Why Alfredo and Mack's System Is A Good Fit For YOU!

I've been involved in marketing online since 2013 and I know how frustrating it can be for the newbie marketer trying to succeed online for the first time. If you want to promote a system that's easy to understand and follow, has a high income potential, and a low start-up cost, then promoting the Daily Income Method would be the logical choice. 

Now, you can decide to promote MCA without the Daily Income Method and without purchasing the product if you feel inclined to do so. However, that presents some serious limitations.

Firstly, it's very difficult to sell a product that you never used yourself. One of the reasons why some of the top marketers are having success with Daily Income Method is because they're an active member of Motor Club of America.

You can think of it like insurance. It's one of those things that you hope that you never have to use but you hold on to it anyways should the opportunity ever present itself.

For instance, wouldn't you rather have an MCA membership before you have any car troubles or would you rather wait until you find yourself in a sticky situation before you realize that you're better having it and not needing it rather than needing it and not having it?​

Is Daily Income Method A Scam?

I'm sure someone is probably asking themselves if Daily Income Method is a scam, or if it's some kind of "get-rich-quick" scheme to take people's hard-earned money in exchange for empty promises and unfulfilled hopes. 

Most of the time, it's not the company's fault if someone is unable to generate the results they're looking for. Usually, the fault is on the person.

Mack and Alfredo have put together a newbie-friendly system that literally takes you by the hand and shows you how you can realistically make $500 or more per day online. They can't do the work for you but they've eliminated alot of the cumbersome aspects of setting up a business online.

For example, you don't have to know how to sell to use this system.

You don't have to worry about customer support.

You don't have to be a gifted copywriter.

​Your only job is to promote the system and show other people how to do the same thing. 

Even if you get stuck, there's a supportive Facebook mastermind group that you will have to access to where you can ask your questions and receive the help that you need.

Check out some of the latest posts from the mastermind group of people who are having success:

Brian Valcy joined the system and made his first system sale in his first day!

Chris sent 50 clicks to the system and made 2 sales! 2 sales = $160!

Wade took action on the "members-only" marketing training and was able to create a facebook video ad that cost him pennies per click!

After joining Daily Income Method, Vincent had his first $7,000 week!

How I Can Help You Produce Results

If you're interested in joining Daily Income Method, then I want to talk to you about how I can help you produce results. After all, you would be right to assume that there are countless other affiliates that are promoting Daily Income Method like myself. 

​Over 13,000 affiliates to be exact:

So, what makes me different from all these other guys?

Before I get into that, I want to first tell you that whether you decide to join this business or any other business, there's one thing that you absolutely need if you want to make money, and you need to get eyeballs on your website. 

If you don't have people paying attention to you, then you won't get very far in business and more importantly, you won't make any money 

Getting back to the original question, I'm an expert at building audiences and getting people to pay attention to me. 

​I specialize in Twitter Marketing and Instagram Marketing, and I know how to create content that attracts the right people to my website. 

Here are my own social media accounts as proof:​

My personal Instagram Account

PCI Institute's IG Account

PCI Institute's Twitter Account

Building your following on social media is easy once you know how to do it. It's just a matter of being consistent in your efforts and I can show ANYONE how to build an account from 0 to their first 1000 followers. 

Daily Income Method CONCLUSION

Daily Income Method is an online marketing system created by Mack Mills and Alfredo Delgado to sell the Total Security membership on behalf of Motor Club of America. For only $27/month, you get instant access to Daily Income Method and are eligible to make 50% recurring commissions for each person that you refer to the system.


The Good Stuff:
  • Newbie-Friendly
  • Low start-up cost.
  • Huge untapped market potential.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Very basic marketing training.
  • No autoresponder integration.
  • Unable to edit text on capture pages.


Start Building Your Online Business Today With Daily Income Method

Here's what you get when you join me in promoting Daily Income Method:

  • My Top 10 List of Solo Ad Providers ($97 Value) - Once you become a member of DIM, you get access to 3 "members-only" traffic sources, but i'll give you 10 Additional paid traffic sources ​that you can use to send clicks to your website to make sales online. 
  • Daily Income Method Mastery Course ($497 Value) - Want to go from zero to hero in promoting the Daily Income Method? My coaching course will show you everything you need to do set yourself up from success from sending in the right documents, how to set up your blog, how to build your email list, and much more!
  • EDDM Marketing Training ($97 Value) - I'm going to give you access to my exclusive training on how to promote MCA using Every Door Direct Marketing to successfully promote DIM offline!
  • Instagram Marketing Training ($47 Value) - I'm going to show you how to build your instagram following from scratch so you can use it to generate traffic to your DIM website!
  • Twitter Marketing Training Course ($47 Value) - I'm going to take you by the hand and show you how to grow your following on Twitter, even if you have never marketed on Twitter before!
  • Your Own Custom Bonus Package ($797 Value) - One of the keys to making a lot of money online is to have a bonus that your customers perceive as equal or greater in value than what they're actually purchasing.When you join with me today, I'm going allow you to leverage the following bonuses to help you build your business:
      • My Top 10 List of Solo Ad Providers  
      • Daily Income Method Mastery Course
      • EDDM Marketing Training
      • Instagram Marketing Training
      • Twitter Marketing Training Course

You will get access to all of these bonuses and have the ability to reach out for me for help whenever you need it when you join my team. 

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