NLP Techniques

NLP Techniques Vol. 1

5 Chapters 50 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Over the years, NLP has established itself as a “magical realm” of change, personal development, and the “technology of excellence”. 

And a large part of that is the patterns that were created out of NLP. 

But first, why do we even need to learn these patterns anyway?

NLP was one of the first disciplines to formalize the structure of human subjectivity. 

This includes things like language, culture, mind, emotions, etc.

When we don’t understand how human subjectivity works, we are completely clueless about experiences (why they happen) about change (in other words, how to transform things).

We are left completely in the dark about how to improve human efficiency, effectiveness, and happiness.

The NLP Techniques Video Library brings you the technology of NLP in bite-sized chunks to learn and use on yourself and other people. 

Course Structure